Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breaking The Line

My friend Betsy drove over from New Hampshire to paint with me for two days.  This morning I took her to a spot I've been wanting to paint for a while, an old abandoned shack at the end of Linekin Bay.  To let the viewer know that it's a Maine shack, I provided a small peek at the water and a rowboat that wasn't really there.

The real purpose of the rowboat was to interrupt the straight line formed where the shack and the grass met. It also is a "pointer".
The chimney already interrupted the lines of the roof.  The tree does as well.  But study the length of the eave, and you'll see that the line there is broken into three different lengths.  And the space between the chimney and the foreground tree is different from the space between the tree and the pole on the old shed.

I also enjoyed painting the negative space behind the trees on the right.  Certainly an enjoyable morning spent painting with a good friend.

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