Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Old and New

                                                                     Old View
                                        New View
Change is the one constant.  But for me, it's sometimes hard to accept changes in the landscapes I love around the Boothbay peninsula. 

This is Cuckold's Lighthouse, just off shore at Southport Island.  I'm also including a painting I did over the winter of this very famous lighthouse that marks the entrance to Boothbay Harbor.  This summer, work is nearly complete on rennovations to restore the light to its original condition, including some of the outbuildings that had been demolished years before I got here.  It's hard to accept the "new" view of this old favorite spot.
But I'll just bet, some old timers would say the same thing after they had to tear down the old buildings!

You can see the Cuckold's Light from the Town Landing at the end of Route 27 on Southport Island, Maine.

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