Sunday, August 28, 2016

Don't Overlook the Ordinary


I was sitting on my dock yesterday when I looked up the cove to my right.  Just then, a lone seagull landed near a big rock that I like to sketch and paint.  As he (she?) came in for his landing, I felt a tug on my heart strings for this very special place.  There are seagulls everywhere here and it's easy to get used to seeing them and taking them for granted.  But this lone bird symbolized everything I love about Maine.

It's nice to have an "idea" about a painting, but sometimes it's important to respond emotionally to your surroundings and let them become the motivation for your painting subject matter.

Working from sketch to the drawing on the watercolor paper has become a more important process for me this summer.  I can work out composition and value placement in advance in the sketch which helps me bang into the painting with quickness and confidence.

Next post.....the painting.

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