Monday, August 8, 2016


Repetition can occur with colors, textures, direction, line, and shapes.

In this painting of a flower stall at the Farmers Market on Boothbay Common, the triangular shapes of the tents and the roof of the gazebo repeat.  There is some variation in the size and colors within the shapes, but clearly the triangular shapes dominate the scene. 

The biggest value contrast occurs in the middle area where the figures are central to the focal point.  The colors are also more intense there and both the values and the colors gradate away from that area.

I kept the background trees quiet and simple so that your eye would travel to the center of interest.  The tree shape provides a clear edge contrast, but that's all it needed to do.  Notice, too, the subtle color changes introduced in that shape while the area was still wet.

I go to the Farmers Market on Boothbay Common every Thursday, but I usually only buy a handpicked bouquet.  The vendor at the flower stall immediately recognizes me, and always compliments me on the colors I choose and the textural variety.  So, again....paint what you love!

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