Thursday, August 18, 2016

Exaggerated Color

The gazebo at the Newagen Inn is really a weathered, dark, gray brown.  Somebody once told me that brown is just a dirty orange, so I decided to push that idea to enliven the subject.  I painted the sky and then the gazebo first.  When I put down the first wash of orange, it was a bit shocking, but gradually after the blue background trees and the darker green foreground trees were added, the orange seemed a bit tamer. 

Another tip:  I pre-wet the page to paint the sky and while this was still wet, I dashed in the orange.  This resulted in a blurry, soft-edged area.  When it dried, I was able to cut around the gazebo with the darker values.  This approach, in which you don't stop at the edges of the gazebo, avoids a cut out, pasted-on look, as well as creating an undertone that gives the background and the gazebo something in common.

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