Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eliminating Details

When you come across a scene that you think might make a good painting, it's a good idea to tell yourself what element attracted your eye in the first place. That way you can figure out how to emphasize it. The thing that I most liked about this view of shrimp boats tied up to a dilapidated dock was the lacy quality of the hauling gear against the sky. A good solid indication of the boat was enough to support the "star" of the painting which is the lace of beams, ropes, wires and gears. That texture is what caught my eye right away.
To keep the viewer from drifting to the foreground and all the details at the bottom of the painting, I elminated the "trash" by the shore so I could portray the water and reflections very simply. Eliminating unnecessary and distracting details helps the viewer focus on the details you want them to look at. Including texture in the foreground, middle ground and background will only confuse the viewer. Be selective!

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