Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bird's Eye View

Yesterday I referred to the "Worm's Eye View" -- looking up at the subject. In "Pogie Boat", the point of view is above the subject, a "Bird's Eye View".

All sorts of considerations make this painting one of my favorites. First, it is one of the few vertical paintings I've done. Also the oblique lines and shapes help create movement. The orange color note on the fisherman's slicker draws the eye. The snapshot quality of the scene, with the second fisherman cut off to keep your focus on the other figure, is reminiscent of some of Edgar Degas' racetrack paintings. I also like the suggestion of all those pogies lying in the bottom of the boat which had to be simplified into one more or less white shape.

And finally, it is a reminder of all those times when I've seen fisherman unloading their catch in Maine. They work hard for their money. Pogies are an extremely foul smelling fish, which is why they are such an attractive bait to catch those bottom feeding lobsters. Looking down a bait barrel full of pogies in the pre-dawn gloom on a rough sea is not my idea of a romantic occupation. As a lover of lobster, I'd like to say thank you to the men and women who cope with those kinds of conditions so I can enjoy a nice meal!

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