Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Painting Holiday

Two days ago, having heard that the forecast was for 70 degrees the entire weekend, I decided to hop in the car for a little drive. I ended up in Carthage, Missouri which is listed in my favorite guidebook America's Most Charming Towns and Villages. After a look around yesterday, I decided that I would paint today at a town of old buildings that has been assembled over the years by a man named Lowell Davis, a painter, sculptor and author, not to mention great conversationalist.

Today I went back to Red Oak II, and this time was greeted by Lowell himself who came out to watch me paint. I also got a tour of his house which he termed "Asian Log Cabin." It was filled with paintings, sculptures, and Chinese urns. I especially enjoyed his studio which he called his pennance space. One day in his old studio in a separate building, he had what he called a "bad hair day", and the whole place went up in flames. A lifetime of paintings and drawings. It was a painting holocaust.
But the work he had salvaged was glorious. He's a very good painter.
A great adventure of a day.
Here's Lowell and the painting I did of the town's Marshall's office.

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