Thursday, November 12, 2009

Following My Own Advice

A few days ago, I suggested that you go with your first impression in order to keep your enthusiasm fresh and charged. Now I'm faced with that choice.
Tonight I've been asked to give a demo at a local art group, so the last two days I've been considering various subjects and design approaches. I should probably play it conservatively and paint something I've done before, or a subject that I think the members of the art club would deem appropriate.
But I keep coming back to a subject I saw this past weekend on my trip to Carthage, Missouri. It's a funky little house, tall and Victorian. I tried some other sketches, but I kept thinking about that whimsical structure. So I've done the value sketch, and I'm going for it! Here it is, hillbilly, chickens,outhouse, laundry on the line and all.
If the painting turns out, I'll post it tomorrow. If it doesn't, they may just never invite me back. But I want to paint this! As I've said, Take a chance!

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